Price Is What You Pay. Value Is What You Get.

Price Is What You Pay. Value Is What You Get.

My dear readers,  

Not too long ago, one of my employees asked me about the fun part of working as insurance agents. ‘Isn’t it all about customer service and price watching?’, she asked. 

At that time, I gave her a partial answer. I told her, “helping people understand the insurance and making friends is fun.” 

During my 15 years of working in this field, I reached out to new customers and recommended the right products for them with numbers comparing ---- usually by focusing on the rate change, discounts, and prices of different carriers.  

My customers always asked me if this is the lowest price they can get with the policy they need. As an owner of a one-stop insurance agency, I still like to do a bunch of research on different kinds of insurance products. Not only for my customers, but also for myself. I mean, who doesn’t like to pay less and get more.   

It reminds me of the following quote by Warren Buffet:  
“ Price is what you pay. Value is what you get .” 

My favorite part of working in the insurance industry is to put the numbers together for our customers and save them money.  
Our mission here is to let you pay less and get more value.  
We hope you can shop around in our one-stop website, where over 20 carriers are presented for you.  

While NatGen Premier package is my favorite product so far, especially for luxury home over $750K replacement value . For many times, I quoted homes with both standard and premier policy, but premier policy usually came out to be cheaper with more coverage, including: 

  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost Dwelling included  
  • Replacement Cost Contents Coverage 
  • Cash out option for Coverages A and C 
  • Water Backup covered up to Coverage A and C limits 
  • NatGen Premier Umbrella Coverage limits up to $10 million 
  • Market Value Loss Settlement for scheduled personal property 
  • Personal Injury covered up to Coverage E limits  

In addition, NatGen Premier have other coverage for houses lower than $750,000 replacement value. Security Plus Elite — Expansive additional coverage with even more extensive protection for water backup, ordinance or law, identity fraud reimbursement, and more 

  • Security Plus — Increased limits for stolen or lost jewelry, watches, and furs. 
  • Coverage also increases limits for stolen silverware and automatic coverage for personal injury 
  • OneChoice Homeowners® — Our base coverage, with modest limits offered at a great value  

Good news for all house owners. NatGen Premier has Mortgage Payment Protection Supplement. You pay $6 monthly and get up to $1,500 payment per month (first 45 days are excluded).  

In essence,  Natgen Premier Coverage satisfy most of your needs on your luxury home.  
Just click here to learn more about my favorite picks for you 

Thanks for reading. Let’s stay together.  
- Cindy Liu  
President, Hillstone Financial & Insurance  
For customer service, please call (408) 389-5577  

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