22% Premium Bonus is Back to the Market

22% Premium Bonus is Back to the Market

After 2 years, 22% Premium Bonus is Back to the Market! 

Remember we talked about Act like the Wealthy, Think like the Wealthy two weeks ago. I know you can’t wait to plan for your retirement with our professional and friendly representatives.  
Finally, one of our carriers, Allianz, announced that 22% premiums bonus is back. Starting today, Allianz 222 ® Annuity Protected Income Value increases from 15% to 22%.  

With Allianz 222 ®, you will get 

  • Principal protection from market downturns, potential interest based on allocation options chosen, tax-deferral, and a death benefit for beneficiaries 

Plus, two ways to 

  • Get a bonus: Allianz 222 ® credits the Protected Income Value with a 22% premium bonus in the first contract year. The Protected Income Value also receives an interest bonus equal to 50% of any interest earned from the chosen allocations. 
  • Receive income increase: Clients can get increases to their income withdrawals based on earned interest and the 50% interest bonus. Plus, they can double their income withdrawal if confined to an eligible hospital, nursing facility or assisted-living facility. 
  • Get a death benefit: The client's beneficiaries can receive the full accumulation value in a lump sum, or they can receive the full Protected Income Value as annuity payments over at least five years. 

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From 06/01/2018 to 07/30/2018, once you start the application for life insurance or annuity from Hillstone, you will automatically be entered into next month’s drawing for a Mini iPad. And you will get a $25 gift card with an issued policy. 

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