Discount Is Worth Waiting

Discount Is Worth Waiting

"What Are You Waiting?" 

Yes, I know. Waiting for the traffic light to turn gree can be frustrating 

But life is about waiting, my friend. Waiting for your iced coffee. Waiting in line at DMV; Waiting in for the Bart to come; Waiting for that one text never come; Waiting for mom to cook dinner; Waiting for your car insurance go down when you hit 25...etc, 

"The things come to people who wait." 

We know you've been waiting so long, staying with us, and supporting us. Thank you all. And good things are coming in June.  
Because major insurance carrier adjusted their multi-policy discount! 

  • Get up to 22% discount with home and auto policy 
  • Get  14% more discount with adding rental insurance 
  • Get 8% more discount with adding umbrella coverage 

Talk to our agent to combine your policy together! 
Don't wait any longer,  you don’t need to wait until renew for this review!   
Request a quote  

From 06/01/2018 to 07/30/2018, once you start the application with us for life insurance or annuity, you will automatically be entered into next month’s lucky drawing for a Mini iPad. And you will get a $25 gift card, with an issued policy. 

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