Act Like the Wealthy, Think Like the Wealthy

Act Like the Wealthy, Think Like the Wealthy

If you want to be wealthy, think like the wealthy, and act like the wealthy. You’re probably confused about how to be richer. 

Here are 3 things you may want to question about before you get your retirement planning done. 

  • Understand your investment tool. Do you know that 92% of Americans now are not able to maintain their standard of living when they retire? Ask yourself a question: can you live well with your investment planning for 30 years or longer after all the money you put it? 
  • Leverage your money. Warren Buffet once said, ‘NEVER tie up your money unnecessarily’. Before you put your salary monthly into the investment tool, think about the possibilities of other uses on the money. Think about if you want to put all the money into one basket? 
  • Don’t be a salve to financial products. The rich know that they are never the slave to any investment planning. They know that they are just tools to benefit themselves in the future. Is your financial product good enough for you to face along with the inflation and tax implication? If not, why are you so tied up to it? 

Now. After the three questions you ask yourself, think about the feasibility of your current financial product. 

And these are real questions: 

  • Does it make sense to you to put your money into an account for 30 years without touching it? Does it make sense that you are tied up to the account without a chance to leverage the money for other investment? 

Because it doesn’t make sense to me. But it makes sense to everyone in the United States, except THE WEALTHY. You would like to make a real investment in your life, wouldn't you? 
Here’s the deal, if you find yourself trapped in your investment products, I want to introduce you a product that can solve ALL 3 questions above: Indexed universal life insurance 

  • First of all, you have no limitation on age to leverage your money. 
  • It also works as whole life insurance, and gives your instant wealthy after death. 
  • When you touch the money from the account, it works as a loan. SO it is a TAX-FREE, PENALTY-FREE product for you.  

If you’re interested, let my representatives talk to you. Don’t forget to check out our promotion.  


From 06/01/2018 to 07/30/2018, once you start the application for life insurance or annuity from Hillstone, you will automatically be entered into next month’s drawing for a Mini iPad. And you will get a $25 gift card with an issued policy.

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