Rate Change for Homeowners Policy

Rate Change for Homeowners Policy

Dear Homeowners,  

Keep your eyes on the rate change for homeowners policies in California. If you own a house, we would like you to know about the adjustment of home insurance rate is happening in California. Some of the insurance companies will increase the price by the mid of 2018.  

What Can I Do About the Increases?   
We don’t want you to open your home insurance statement one day and find out your premium just get increased. The factors behind the rate change can be complicated, but you can do something to take back control.  

  1. 1. Compare coverage at least once a year  
    • Different providers have the different ways to evaluate your risk, ask Hillstone Agents to do an analysis and find the better deal for your lovely house.  
  2. Pay Attention to Discounts  
    • Hillstone Agents always collect discount information at first hand, and create a personalized plan on discount that could save you up to 30% per policy.  

We recently launched a new carrier that especially for a luxury home, for a million dollar coverage, may only cost you less than $1000 with multi discount!  

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